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BLUE is the only secure and instant communication tool on the market that was built for the unique needs of law enforcement. Launched in 2017, BLUE has set out to bring modern technology to law enforcement. Thousands of officers all over the U.S. use BLUE to connect and communicate with their teams, improve productivity, and keep their officers safe by being better informed.

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Jeff Halstead

Jeff Halstead

Chief Halstead served for more than 27 years in Phoenix (retired Commander) and Chief in Fort Worth. He knows firsthand the challenges faced in the police profession today. He has spent the last 3 ½ years working as a global police consultant and has closely monitored all high profile incidents in policing. Chief Halstead was credited for a 24% total crime reduction and for advancing numerous technology programs, including over 600 AXON “body-worn” camera systems. In 2014, Chief Halstead created “The Halstead Group”, a law enforcement consulting business, so he can share his experiences and successes with other police agencies and police administrators. He also created “HOPE 4 BLUE”, a national police nonprofit based in Las Vegas.


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